How I Became Invisible


  • Theatre

Clunk Puppet Lab, in association with The Old Trout Puppet Workshop, presents “How I Became Invisible” – a surreal puppet performance that unearths life, death, and the memories that linger in-between.

What happens when you disappear from everything you hold dear, the people you remember, the place you call home? What if this happens and you haven’t hit puberty?

Saija, a youthful mind, grapples with deterioration of old age, imprisoned in a world of demented seniors, where grace becomes fear, and beauty is beleaguered by the desperation that comes with forgetting everything life is lived for.

How I Became Invisible is a hauntingly poetic, visual ballet that promises to stretch your heart with all that is beautiful in life.

Sept 22nd – Oct 2nd 2011 at the Vertigo Studio Theatre,  Calgary.