The Dungeon is Fully Equipped for the rigorous demands of Audio Post and Composing!

All that really Matters:

  • The Highest Efficiency and Speed with no Compromise
  • Comfy Chairs!

For the Gear Nerds:

  • Genelec 5.1 Monitoring with Dangerous Music DACS and Trinnov DMON6 control.
  • Fully Calibrated 5.1 Mix Environment (20 – 20 +/-  1.5db)
  • Hybrid mixing ITB and Analogue outboard gear from
    • Dangerous Music
    • Chandler
    • Aurora Audio
    • Flock Audio
    • Eventide
    • Waves
    • Solid State Logic
    • AMS Neve
    • Overstayer
  • Logic Pro X with RME 128ch MADI
  • Pro Tools 12 HDX3 (768 voice) with 128ch MADI + 16×16 Analog + SYNC HD
  • Euphonix and Presonus Control Surfaces

Loaded Computers 

  • 4K & 1080p Displays
  • 2 x Apple 12core  / 128GB RAM / all SSD and PCIe blades throughout
  • Solid compliment of 3rd Party Plug-ins and VI’s including UAD2-Octa
  • Extensive Sample Libraries

Modular Synthesizer

  • 4000HP of Eurorack modular running on clean Acopian Linear power supplies with modules sourced from all over the world


  • Nuemann U87 and U89 Microphones for Voice & Instruments
  • Fully UPS protected systems & internet
  • 10 hour inverter Generator transfer panel for critical remote record sessions (i.e.:  Source Connect Orchestral records)