What is a Technical Wingman?

A Technical Wingman is basically “Scotty” in Star Trek.   Tasked with keeping the ship operational when the pressure is on!  Depending on the scope of the production,  it could be a canoe or huge oil tanker…  but hopefully never the Titanic (oh that’s so lame…wah wah!)

Studio Infrastructure

  • integrating/deploying/maintaining studio systems at the hardware and software level
  • sourcing new sounds and plug-ins
  • building writing templates
  • general tech support


  • preparing pre-records and materials for the score record and eventual mix
  • preparing sessions for an orchestrator
  • preparing parts if no copyist is involved

In Session

  • keeping notes
  • verifying any note inconsistencies in Orchestration vs. Mockup.
  • another ear in the room



Composer:  Andrew Lockington

Technical Wingman,  Music Editor (Netflix and Discovery Versioning),  Additional Synthesizer Programming

  • Season 1:  6 x 50 minute Episodes (2016)
  • Season 2:  6 x 50 minute Episodes (2017)
  • Stereo to 5.1 Mix Conversion / Stems

How to Change the World

Composer Lesley Barber

Technical Winging,  Additional Music,  Additional Synthesizer Programming

  • Feature Film Documentary

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Composer:  Andrew Lockington

Technical Wingman to Composer & Additional Synthesizer Programming

  • Feature Film