Ranger Rob


  • Season 1:  52 x 11 minute Episodes
  • Season 2:  28 x 11 minute Episodes



2019 Canada Screen Awards:  Nominee:  Best Original Music

2019 Canadian Screen Awards:  Nominee:  Best Pre-School Program or Series


2017 Youth Media Alliance – AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE




Composer:  Andrew Lockington

Technical Wingman,  Music Editor (Netflix and Discovery Versioning),  Additional Synthesizer Programming

  • Season 1:  6 x 50 minute Episodes (2016)
  • Season 2:  6 x 50 minute Episodes (2017)
  • Season 3:  6 x 50 minute Episodes (2018)

Cineflix – Additional Music

How to Change the World

Composer Lesley Barber

Technical Winging,  Additional Music,  Additional Synthesizer Programming

  • Feature Film Documentary

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Composer:  Andrew Lockington

Technical Wingman to Composer & Additional Synthesizer Programming

  • Feature Film

How I Became Invisible


  • Theatre

Clunk Puppet Lab, in association with The Old Trout Puppet Workshop, presents “How I Became Invisible” – a surreal puppet performance that unearths life, death, and the memories that linger in-between.

What happens when you disappear from everything you hold dear, the people you remember, the place you call home? What if this happens and you haven’t hit puberty?

Saija, a youthful mind, grapples with deterioration of old age, imprisoned in a world of demented seniors, where grace becomes fear, and beauty is beleaguered by the desperation that comes with forgetting everything life is lived for.

How I Became Invisible is a hauntingly poetic, visual ballet that promises to stretch your heart with all that is beautiful in life.

Sept 22nd – Oct 2nd 2011 at the Vertigo Studio Theatre,  Calgary.


Composer:  Andrew Lockington

Music Editor and Score Mixer

  • Season 2:  13 x 45 minute Episodes
  • Season 3:  20 x 45 minute Episodes
  • Season 4:  12 x 45 minute Episodes

Franklin and Friends

Composer:   John Welsman

Music Editor

  • Season 1: 52 x 12 minute Episodes
  • Season 2: 52 x 12 minute Episodes

Call Me Fitz

Composers:   Richard Pell & Dylan Hemming

Music Editor

  • Season 1:  13 x 45 minute Episodes
  • Season 2:  13 x 45 minute Episodes

Punch Like a Girl

Music Editor and Additional Music

  • A six-part documentary series on women’s amateur boxing in Canada, following several women on a quest to discover the limits of their physical and emotional strength in the primal world of boxing.

Music Editor (within Nelvana Music Department)

Deschamps Studios

Machine Room Assistant & Dailies Editor

  • Onetouch, Sony, Careerclick.com, Blockbuster, Mr.Coffee, Rogers, The Bay, Ford, Budweiser, Lifesavers, Geneva Center, Beaver Lumber, Tim Hortons, Hasbro, Publix, Honda, ING Direct, Clairol, Mr.Lube, Gain, Bounce, Chrysler, Tostitos, IKEA, Knorr, American Gas, GM, McCain, The Sims, Buick, Molson, Labatt, Colgate, Walmart, Applejacks, Cloraseptic, Kellogg’s, Campell’s, Gushers, Zellers, McDonalds