What is a Music Editor?

Music Editors work with the Composer and Post-Audio Department.

The work should be invisible to the end-user.   Basically,  the Music Editor is a Pro Tools ninja!

Depending on the type and complexity of a Show or Film,  few or many of the tasks outlined below are part of the Music Editor’s responsibilites:

  • spotting episodes  (working with the Composer and Director to determine where music is required in a program)
  • creating a “temp” soundtrack from pre-existing score before a Composer is hired
  • cataloguing delivered score from the Composer and keeping track of contracted minutes
  • editing the Composer’s pre-existing library according to spotting notes to sound like it was scored (usually for animated programs)
  • preparing click tracks and related Pro Tools sessions for any live recording (i.e.: Orchestra)
  • logging takes at the recording sessions and later comping the best takes
  • outputting screeners for client approvals
  • inserting additional licensed music into a show/film
  • conforming cues to picture changes
  • conforming the full soundtrack for different broadcast markets (versioning)
  • creating cue sheets

Below are some of the many productions I’ve had the pleasure of working on:



Composer:  Andrew Lockington

Technical Wingman,  Music Editor (Netflix and Discovery Versioning),  Additional Synthesizer Programming

  • Season 1:  6 x 50 minute Episodes (2016)
  • Season 2:  6 x 50 minute Episodes (2017)
  • Stereo to 5.1 Mix Conversion / Stems


Composer:  Andrew Lockington

Music Editor and Score Mixer

  • Season 2:  13 x 45 minute Episodes
  • Season 3:  20 x 45 minute Episodes
  • Season 4:  12 x 45 minute Episodes