(No, my hand really isn’t that big…  it’s Special FX!)

The Short Story:

  • Endearing-Weirdo-Post-Audio-Freelancer

What I do for Passion:  

  • Canadian Screen Academy Nominated Music Composer,  Specializing in Animation
  • Creating wicked Bespoke Synthesizer Sounds for Composers
  • Music Editor for Episodic Animation,  Live-action,  MOW and Feature Film
  • Technical Nerd with all things Music Tech and Composer Workflow
  • Educator

What I do on the Side:

  • Motorcycling
  • Photography
  • Travel to far off places
  • Living the life of a Crazy Cat Lady
  • Collecting way too many Funko Pops,  Lego and Toys of my fading youth
  • Gaming:  8 and 16bit era old school!  Taiko no Tatsujun is a close runner up!
  • Tinkering
  • Drinking Ciders,  Port,  Whisky (to numb that post-production hurt)  (ok no not really)
  • Being the bestest Uncle for my niece and nephew (aka.  the monsters)

(Note:  This all sounds like a terrible dating profile)

The Real Low Down

  • The secret to being the bestest Uncle ever is taking your niece and/or nephew to the dollar store
  • I’m not a bitter asshole
  • Clients enjoy working with me and I’m good at what I do.
  • Act now,  don’t miss out!

The Bollocks Version:

“Neil’s work explores the relationship between postmodern discourse and football chants.

With influences as diverse as Munch and John Lennon, new combinations are distilled from both orderly and random meanings.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the universe. What starts out as yearning soon becomes corrupted into a hegemony of lust, leaving only a sense of nihilism and the unlikelihood of a new reality.

As shifting forms become reconfigured through diligent and personal practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph for the darkness of our world.”

Written by Artsy Bollocks.